Hygiene Management

Quality Optimization and Assurance of catering and management

In the food industry

In all kinds of commercial kitchens, food is the perfect breeding ground for microorganisms. Under favourable circumstances pathogenic microorganisms multiply rapidly and present a high level of hygienic risk for catering management in commercial kitchens and in the food industry. Besides microbial infections, residues and contaminations also pose a threat to the consumer.

The German Food Hygiene Regulations (Lebensmittelhygieneverordnung / LMHV) were established on 8th February, 1998 in order to avoid adverse events during the preparing and producing of food. According to ยง 4 LMHV, companies that produce, process or distribute food are obligated to determine, observe and document the critical steps of production within the sequence of production based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) hygiene regulations. Furthermore, every company has to educate its employees who work with food according to the HACCP hygiene regulations.

We offer you:

  • HACCP Hygiene Courses
  • HACCP Documentation

These measures guarantee:

  • Safe meal and food production.
  • Compliance with legal regulations and requirements.
  • Risk reduction of potential food intoxications.
  • Brand protection by avoiding potential scandals.

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